Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Animals, why are they soooo cute??

Hey everyone, sorry I havn't posted anything in a while, I didn't have anything to post about. But now im back. Mr Woodcock has asked me to make a post about why us humans think little furry animals are soooo cute. I think that us humans find animals cute because they have a big face, big eyes, and small body features like hands and feet. Mr Woodcock told me to research what neotony means, I found out that it means that they keep a childlike appearance even when they reach adult form to the human eyes I think... So I think that we find all animals cute, even the older ones, due to neotony. I apologise if I am wrong, and here is a picture of a really cute animal. :)

P.S. I found out the meaning of 'neotony' on http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/neotony

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best football goals

I have just put on some video clips from youtube. They are the best football goals ever!!!. I hope you enjoy them and please leave a comment on anything on my blog.

Thanks. :P

P.S. I also just put a picture of my favourtite football player ever!!!!. His name is Kaka. He is one of the top 3 best players in the world and is recorded in Fifa history to have one of the top 10 best goals in the world.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

My favourite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. He was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland. The son of a pastor, brought up in a religious and cultured atmosphere, Vincent was highly emotional and lacked self-confidence. Between 1860 and 1880, when he finally decided to become an artist, van Gogh had had two unsuitable and
unhappy romances and had worked unsuccessfully as a clerk in a bookstore, an art salesman, and a preacher in the Borinage (a dreary mining district in Belgium), where he was dismissed for overzealousness. He remained in Belgium to study art, determined to give happiness by creating beauty. The works of his early Dutch period are somber-toned, sharply lit, genre paintings of which the most famous is "The Potato Eaters" (1885). In that year van Gogh went to Antwerp where he discovered the works of Rubens and purchased many Japanese prints.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Woodmonsta

This is my 'woodmonsta'. I think it's alright, it doesn't have a name. (Because I couldn't think of one. :) )

It Prefers To: Just lie in the sun and relax, play under water with it's own kind and hunt food for later use.

Dwells: Usually stays under water swimmg with its species. If it comes above water it means it's usually looking for some 'alone' time.

Eating Habits: Usually hunts alone and most of the time the 'woodmonsta' lurks around, under water looking for weak of injured pray. If the 'woodmonsta' is hunting in a pack they will go for the big things such as whales or anything else big. Occasionaly the 'woodmonsta' will hunt above water and look for anything full of meat.

I hope you like the 'woodmonsta' because I don't really.

Monday, March 2, 2009


AC Milan is my favourite football team, I like them more then Liverpool. I'm not too sure why I posted this, I had nothing else to post about. :) Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........




Dangerous things you should never do!

  • Scissors
  • Running with scissors
  • Running while eating a pair of scissors
  • Asking someone to throw you a pair of scissors
  • Riding a bike down a steep hill
  • Riding your bike down a steep hill while picking your nose with a pencil
  • Riding your bike down a steep hill with your eyes closed while no handed
  • Riding your bike down a steep, bumpy hill with your eyes closed, no handed while picking your nose with a pencil
  • Jumping off a cliff
  • jumping off a cliff while eating a pair of scissors
  • Jumping off a cliff while eating a pair of scissors and picking your nose with pencils
  • Nails
  • Eating a nail
  • Eating a hamburger then realising it was a box of nails.
  • Bungy jumping
  • Bungy jumping while playing with a knife
  • Bungy jumping while playing with a knife while eating scissors
  • Bungy jumping while playing with a knife, eating scissors and pencils
  • Bombs
  • Eating a lit bomb
  • Eating a big round chocolate egg but realising it was actually a bomb